Meet The Fire Truck Ladies!

Jen and Barb Baumann started in this business as 30-somethings and built relationships with chiefs across America, who regularly referred to them as “The Firetec® Girls.”  Fire departments quickly learned to rely on the personalized service and The Firetec® Girls enjoyed meeting thousands of you on the trade show circuit for over two decades!

As time went on, many of these chiefs started retiring, and the younger firefighters started climbing the ranks. The nickname “the girls” didn’t seem to fit, anymore. Thus, we were rebranded as The Fire Truck Ladies: Same reliable, friendly service, with more experience and wisdom!

You can trust that The Fire Truck Ladies are always fully focused on our single priority: Matching Used Truck Buyers with Used Fire Truck Sellers. Firetec® has been consistent in this mission since 1983. We are not distracted by our own inventory- because we don’t have our own inventory: This means we truly represent your FD as an impartial broker.

POWERFUL PARTNERING FOR BUYERS: We take the time to understand your needs. Our job is to find the right fit for your specific requirements, in your budget. We will alert you when listings matching your needs come available.

POWERFUL PARTNERING FOR SELLERS: Our mission is to locate a buyer for your apparatus and for your department to receive fair market value on the sale. The successful buyer will typically inspect in person. Your department will receive payment in full, directly from the buyer. Firetec® invoices Sellers after the sale is complete. CLICK HERE to List today!

We don’t get paid until your unit is sold. There is no Firetec®-owned inventory, so the apparatus listed here gets all of our attention! Our job every day is to put your apparatus in front of waiting buyers.

What does that mean for you? High quality listings and swift sales. Our stats say it all: 41% of listings sell in 1-7 days, 14% in 8-30 days, 10% in 31-60 days and 12% in 61-90 days. This means 77% are sold within 3 months. And, we make it an easy, hassle-free experience for you.

Our customer service is first class. We are responsive, friendly, and work to find you the best possible solution for your apparatus needs.

Contact us today to list your apparatus!

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