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“I appreciate all your help and efforts to make this possible.”
(In 2034, this marks the 4th Apparatus Sold for this FD. The first one was a 1976 Dodge Power Wagon, back in 1999!)

Tim Weir
Scipio Vol Fire Co., New York

Thank you for your help. It’s always good working with you. 
(Third apparatus sold for this department)

Len Govern
Walton Fire District, New York

They got no traction with another broker, so listed with FIRETEC, due to proven track record. Buyer found in 13 days!

We are happy to say the truck was sold today to Hanover Township Fire Department.Thank you for all of your help during the process, it made the sale very easy on our end. 


Dan Costa
Town of Wolcott, CT

“This will serve our community for years to come. Thank you for making this sale smooth and easy.”

Michael Callanan
Agra VFD, Oklahoma

Appreciate it! Didn’t take as long as we’d thought.... getting cold and we didn’t want to worry about stuffing it away for the winter!

Dan Tucker
Putnam VFC

Thanks so much for your service on selling it - you were great - we never would’ve sold it without your help. It was sold in about a week!

Chief Robert Glidden
Proctorsville FD

We appreciate your service very much and will recommend you to anyone needing to sell their apparatus!

Les Bonesteel
Burnt Hills Fire District, New York

“Neighboring outfit asked how we were able to move our tanker so fast - told them about Firetec - they wondered how we landed on “that outfit” so told him they seemed straight up and they were - helped us exactly how we needed and how we like it - couldn’t have been easier. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone - they can call me and I’ll tell ‘em!”
(This is one of two trucks sold for Yatesville after they bought a truck through Firetec earlier this year)

Chief Billy Lee

We were tickled to death with this truck and they [ Kingsport Lifesaving Crew/ Owners] went overboard to help us. Everyone was waiting when we pulled in [back home]. And Y’all did a fine job for us and we wanted you to know we appreciate you.

Paul Witt
Emlyn FD

Thank you very much for your assistance in this sale!

Gina Gillman, Administrator
Delmar, NY

It’s an awesome truck thank you Putnam Township Fire Department and Firetec!

J Henselin
Town of Grant FD, WIsconsin

Thanks again for the great help in us getting it sold!

Bill Mastenbrook
Crockery Twp FD, Michigan

We appreciate your help and hard work.

Chris Kulinski
Pleasant Valley VFD, CT

I wish we had gone with you ladies prior - we made an error going [six months] with that other outfit - lesson learned - ladies first!

Outstanding service on your part. If you need a poster child, I’m your guy!

Burl Swanson
Dewittville FD
Dewittville, NY

Thank you very much for you advice and assistance!

Dave Terry
Prospect VFD, Maine

Thank you for your help selling another piece of equipment for our Fire District.

Ron Sattelmaier
Water Wheel Fire & Medical District, Payson, AZ

Thank you so much for everything with this whole process!!

Jason Keller, Chief
Ira Twp FD

I am very pleased with how it turned out. Thanks. 

Kerry Yaw
Harrison Twp FD
Goshen, IN

Thanks for your help in getting this truck sold.

George Taylor, Chief
Montrose Twp FD

Thank you for the use of the website and resource handling.

Timothy Walsh
Lime ROck FD
Lincoln, RI

Thanks for all your help, you sure did sell it quick!

Bill Click
Kenockee Twp Fire Dept

It makes it so much easier going through you people, so much better than trying to sell ourselves. It worked out real good!

Brian Glaude
Sterling Fire District

It has been a pleasure working with Firetec and we’ll recommend you to other departments in the area.

Lou Brodeur
Mortlake Fire Co

Thank you for your help - we were only getting $1500 or something like that from going out to bid - so we’re happy.

Robert Gardner
Swans Island FD
Swans Island, ME

We have closed the deal... they paid for the engine and picked it up this morning. Thanks for all your help. Firetec made this process so easy and stress-free for a chief.

Chief Rob Widener
Rossburg FD
Rossburg, OH

Thank you so much - you did a fantastic job for us. We considered other options but thought Firetec looked like the best fit - and you were - I think you had a buyer for us in a few days!

Bob Reynolds
Montgomery Fire District
Montgomery, NY

Thank you and FireTec for again a great partnership in helping sell our truck.

Howard Troue
Ellenville FD
Greenfield Park, NY

Our light rescue has sold and is off to its new home in South Dakota. I appreciate all the hard work you and your team have put into this. Thanks again!

Trevor Nelson
Bloomfield Center FD

We really appreciate your help on this! We had it for sale for several months with no luck. Your site really worked great!

Bill Pringle
Mt Clare FD of WV

Thanks again for helping us sell another unit!

John Snyder
Penn Twp FD
Mishawaka, IN

Appreciate the help with it all; good dealing with you, good relationship!

Justin Detmer
St. Rose FD

Your help was fantastic! We will be in touch if we need to sell anything in the future!!

Chief Tom Davidson

Thank you for your professional service and getting our rig sold.

Robb Cardimen
Coraopolis VFD, Pennsylvania

Thank you ‘guys’ very much! Without you we wouldn’t have matched up with them. This is the second time you’ve sold a truck for us!

Rich Kulbacki
Big Sewickley Creek VFD, PA

Thank you very much for your honesty, and if we ever have another one to sell we'll be coming back to you!

Chief Brandon Whitehurst
Hooks Fire & Rescue

I want to thank you so much for helping with this fast sale. I just can't believe how fast both our trucks have sold through your business.
We highly recommend Firetec.

Thank You Again

JoAnn Shipman
NFVFD President

We appreciate your help though all this. You'll definitely be our first contact for future sales.

Mark Wohlfeil
Aurora Colden Fire District
New York

“This purchase happened like lightning!”

Juan Ortiz
Village of Newark, NY

We appreciate your help in this sale. Thank you very much.

- MM
New York

Thank you, once again!

Dave Carpenter,
Cordelia FPD, CA

Thank you for all you did!
(Second apparatus sold for this FD)

Steve Gakenhiemer
Mt Marion Fire District

Thank you so much for your help with selling our truck !
You're the BEST

Herman Hostetler
Prairie Grove Fire, MO

Truck should be in West Virginia by now - I was pleasantly surprised with the sale price. You did a nice job and a professional job and it’s always a pleasure working with you ladies.

Chief Bryan Burr
Claremont FD, NH

It’s a done deal! Smooth as silk. Thanks so much for the help getting this thing done. The chiefs are all happy with the final results; I deeply appreciate it!

Seth Maxwell
King City FD 11
Burien, WA

This is crazy! It happened so fast! Thank you for selling another used apparatus for our department!

Jim Porter
Suttons Bay Fire & Rescue

We sold the heavy rescue today, thank you gals again for hooking us with a great department that was in need of just what we had. As always, you did a great job.

Doug Ebert
Farmingdale FD, Maine

Thank you for helping us sell the truck.

Harold Straut
Nanuet Fire District, NY

Thanks again for helping us. 

(Second apparatus sold for this FD!)

Robert Kirk
Terra Alta VFD, West Virginia

I've heard good things about you and by God you did it, we are very pleased.

-Phill Sommer, Briston VFD, NY

Thanks for your help; another successful sale!

Marty Schanz
Vischer Ferry Vol FIre District

Absolutely amazed, greatest thing that has happened to us in forever. This is amazing, it’s awesome. Our new beauty arrived, so thankful, smoother than buying a car! You made my job easy. The only word to use for this transaction was, “FLAWLESS!”

Jay Blevins
Omaha FD

We have just received our new truck. Thank you so much for all you have done!!

Cody Johnson
Maple Hill FD
Grand Marais, MN

“Thanks for getting it done, again!”

(Always a pleasure working with Chief Bo Tunno, center: 4th apparatus sold for Westbrookville. Buyers shown are, left, FF Karl Schauer and right, Asst Chief Sam Warren, of Chatham PA! Many thanks to all of you from The Fire Truck Ladies!)

- Bo Tunno

It was great, which is why I’ve recommended you to a neighboring department.

It was very easy and smooth sailing! Thank you!”

Kevin Carver
Jamesville Fire District

We currently a have truck en route to bring the tanker to its new home. I want to thank you again for your time and assistance in this process.

Michael Sasser
Bogue Chitto Community VFD

THANK YOU for your help with this sale. We appreciate it!

Ann Lueders
Skamania EMS & Rescue, Washington

Thanks for all you’ve done and for selling her so quickly!

Rick Bennett
North Creek VFD, NY

Thank you for everything!

Ed Michalowski
Pleasant Valley Vol Fire Co

Thank you for all the help and it was a pleasure working with you.

Dustin Scheffler
Hitchcock FD, Oklahoma

We appreciate all your help. I had tried selling on Facebook but you sold right in our state!

Tyler Hass
Town of Sheboygan Falls

“It’s been a pleasure working with your company... an absolute pleasure.”

Donnie Tipton
Glenwood FD

Thank you for your assistance in making this sale happen for us.

Joe Lacoppola
Glenville Fire Dist #2

Thank you for your assistance with the sale. I look forward to working with you more in the future.

Chief Allen Thompson
Pend Oreille FD#2

You guys are awesome I had it on another site for two months and had nothing. With you I had 4-5 leads in two weeks. I will recommend you to anybody!

Chief Bill Burton
Fowler-Center Twp FD

Thanks for hooking us up with Chief Baker - we are really pleased. Thank you for doing the advertising and connecting us with them. We really appreciate it.

Chief Jerry Brown
LaHarpe FPD, Illinois

You gals really have it down! It probably would taken us years to sell it on our own!

Andrew Tussing
Northfield Rescue Squad

Working with you has been wonderful - we can’t thank you enough. If we have another truck to sell in the future we’ll certainly be using you again.

Kyle Dillin
Pleasant Plains Twp FD

Thank you for your help on both sales.

Benny Horseman
Madison VF Company

Thank you for your help: You are outstanding! We are truly amazed. (Seller)

The truck sold for the full asking price. Thank you so much for your assistance selling our truck- once again you have come through for us.

Chief Eric Hoffman
East Side FD

Thank you Ladies for everything - your guidance and direction made the process simple for me.

John Agnello

Thank you for a great job marketing the truck!!

MIke Daniher
Sharpsburg VFD, Pennsylvania

Thank you for your help on both sales.

Benny Horseman
Madison VF Company

Thank you for responding back to me quickly when I contacted you as this truck; it has also been very nice and easy experience dealing with Marty [Seller] and his dept and we are very excited to get it home!!

Scott Pennington
Asst. Chief
Waltonville FPD
Waltonville, IL

Firetec is great. Can’t tell you how many people I’ve shared your site with!

Greg Conigliaro

"We are extremely happy. We didn't think it would sell this fast!"

JoAnn Shipman
New Freeport VFD

This worked out really well, it was awesome, the FD was great to work with. We love the truck!

John Elko
West Milford VFD
West Virginia

Thank you guys [gals] so much for selling these trucks for us!

Joe Roberts
Higbee Area FPD

We are extremely pleased with this truck and there’s no way we could have found it all the way in SC without Firetec!

Philip McKown
Servia VFD
Duck, WV

We love the new apparatus.

Thanks again for all your help.

Braxton Bittner
Pinto Valley Mine
Miami, AZ

Thank you for all of your help in finding and assisting us on the purchase and delivery on our engine we purchased from Union City Pa fire Dept. We will use you in future apparatus purchases. It was a very pleasant experience. Thanks again

Captain Mike Hufferd
SW Camden County FPD

“Thank you and we appreciate everything you continue to do for us and every Fire Department you help to find reliable equipment to serve communities all over the country. You are a key piece in the fire service industry.”

Timothy Gerry
Williston FD

Once again, THANK YOU! 
I just sold our truck, the 2001 Pierce Contender we had listed through you guys to Appleton Volunteer Fire Department.
Thanks again, look forward to doing more business with you in the future!

Chief Jason Howell

Thanks for the help in selling truck #2 for us!

Larry Cuckler
Huntington FD

Appreciate your help very, very much and I will highly recommend you guys [gals]!

Michael Rohan
WIndham Center FD

The ALF has turned out to be a great truck for us.  I look for it to give us more good years of service.  Thanks again.

Jason Jones
Hillsboro Area VFD,

The South Robeson rescue unit from North Carolina inspected our rescue yesterday and purchased the truck and will be heading back to North Carolina today. We are very happy to help out another small town volunteer organization like us in their time of need. Thanks for your aid in the sale of the truck with your advertising. 

Ron Fleming VP
Upper Black Eddy Fire Co

Good Afternoon, the sale is complete! Chief Villers is headed back to Colorado with his new fire engine. Please accept my appreciation for the your help on this project, you all are the best at this process.

Chief Michael Pigoni

We greatly appreciate you for selling this apparatus for us. I’ll be actively talking about how happy we are with our Firetec experience, on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Rob Lorentz
Vernon Twp FD, Indiana

Thank you so much for the opportunity to go through your company.  The two times were a great experience. I hope you and yours are doing well through this pandemic.  Take care and stay healthy!

Jim Skalos 
Cherry City VFC

The deal with Big Rock is complete. I couldn’t be happier!!!

Chief Ryan Morgan
Wyoming Hook & Ladder, NY

I just wanted to take a moment and thank y'all for the help in acquiring our "new" Fire Truck. The truck we purchased from Big
Sandy, Tenn. far exceeded our expectations.
It was a pleasure doing business with them and the personnel at Firetec.

Again thank y'all for your help. I would recommend Firetec to anyone looking
for an Emergency vehicle.

Tony Kennedy, Chairman
Unified Govt of Webster County

You ladies are driving me drive me nuts [ with leads]. I Wish we had known about you first, we tried your competitors and only got one lead. We had 13 leads from you within a matter of days. I've told my department members, “If anyone has used apparatus to sell, tell them to get in touch with Firetec!’ “

Larry Maynard
White Deer Twp Fire Co
New Columbia, PA

We’re tickled to death. They came Monday to get it and called yesterday to let us know they made it home safe. Thank you very much for your help!

Kenneth McQueen
Shady Valley FD

Thank you very much for your help; we very much appreciate that. I don’t think there is any way we would have found out about that truck without you!”

John Robinson, Village of Homer Glen, Illinois

We always love seeing these photos of the deal being sealed. ~ The Fire Truck Ladies

Jeff Ames w/Clarks Summit (PA) on left and Chief James Dew with Bloomfield (MO) on the right

“It sold really fast....very, very shocked! + Asst Chief Matthew Treece (Seller)

“The buying process was made simple by the Fire Truck Ladies. They were able to answer any questions we had or got the answers for us. They were quick to respond as we kept them updated. This truck was exactly what we were looking for and meets our needs. It even had a few extra options! Working with Southside VFD was a pleasure.” Captain Brandon Holland (buyer)

Good Job! - we could not have sold this truck without your help. So happy it is going to a good home rather than getting junked or scrapped. I hope the new owners get another 25 years out of it!

Steve Hillman
Ransomville, NY

It is officially sold!!! Thanks to you and Firetec for once again helping us out.

Stephen Williams
Wadesville FD

Thank you for all the assistance.  Given our project and its challenges, we certainly could not have done this without your expertise.  Happy Holidays.  Thanks again.

Chief Arjay West
Village of Johnson FD

When we started on this road I knew the original asking price was high, but [our] committee felt it was worth that, so thank you for hanging in there with us. You’ve found the truck a good home!

Chief Kevin Brown
Bovina Center FD
New York

Thank you both so much. It has been a pleasure, and be certain we will be using you guys [gals] in the future.

Jeff Hunt
Beaver Dam-Littlefield FD

As always thank you for the great service.

Paul Goldberg
WIndsor, CT

Thank you very much for all the help you have given us.

Terry Valk
Saxton Fire District
Saugerties, NY

Thank you for all your help and guidance.

Shawn Duffey
Eagle Mills Fire District #1
Troy, NY

It’s a beautiful truck; couldn’t be happier!

Private buyer

You all did a fine job! I do appreciate all you did for us.

Chief Don Richert
Nokomis VFD in WI

You guys made this a very easy process and we appreciate all the help and patience with all the calls. We will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you.

A. McDaniel, Deputy Chief
Irvington FPD, Illinois

Thanks for everything, it was great doing business with you!!

Ken Cheeseman, Chief
Borough of Laurel Springs, NJ

Don’t know why we bothered with another broker (per our dealers recommendation) ... After months with no leads, Firetec listed it and it’s sold!

Dennis Hahn
Seminole Trail VFD

Thank you for making this such a painless process. 

Keith Baker
Town of Georgia VT

Thanks for your help in selling another truck for us.

Troy Beckner, Chief
Balsam Twp VFD
Bovey, MN

I want to thank you for everything you’ve done....can’t thank you enough for all your help. If you ever find your way to Delaware, I would love to treat you to dinner as a sincere thank you and show our appreciation.”

Willie Trowbridge
Bowers Fire Co

Thanks for working with us to find a buyer. I feel we got a fair price and Zaleski VFD got a fair deal on a Pumper that is a much needed upgrade for their fire department. 
Thanks again for all your help! 

Matthew Hansen
Saxeville-Springwater VFD

“Firetec Sold Our Truck!”
(in under a month)
1981 Military 6x6

Shown en route from Texas to Arkansas

Allen McWhirter
West Lake Limestone FD

BUYERS Shown: Members of Manson FD:
Mike Waller, Chief John Colshan, Asst Chief Dave Anderson. Photo by Brad Gangestad.
“It’s an awesome truck and a great deal!”- Chief Colshan

SOLD to first caller.....this is Chief John Colshan’s third Firetec purchase! He knows to act fast when he sees the right apparatus for his FD!-- The Fire Truck Ladies

Thanks for the great help with selling it for us.

Chief Doug Estes
Shinglehouse VFD

“Good Lord, Firetec gets the job done, Man!”

SOLD In one day!

Chief of FD

Thank you for the representation and connecting us to a successful buyer.

Chief Michael Terenzio
Cromwell FD

Thank you for your services. It was a pleasure working with Firetec.

Jim Huyser
Training Captain
Jackson Fire Department

Jim Huyser
Training Captain
Jackson Fire Department

I want to thank you and your staff for the assistance in getting our new ladder truck.

We have purchased the tower from Glenn Ellyn and we are going to pick it up Saturday.

Again thank you

Brad Lonis
Fire Chief
Morenci Fire Department

I just wanted to Thank You for always taking good care of us.

It's hard to find good help and your company stays on top of the business. I am sure you move a lot equipment and I am also sure you take care of them in the same way.

James Eddie

I am very appreciative for all that Firetec has done to put this out there. Your service has been phenomenal and we have already sent many recommendations to other departments to use you in the future.

Stephen Williams
Wadesville FD

Never would have thought that marketing and selling a 27-year old truck would be easier than setting up for a pony at my daughter’s birthday party.

You have the connections and make the connections: You’ve got it down!

You ladies are top-notch and a pleasure to deal with!

Ron Miller
Broadalbin Kennyetto Fire Co.

The 2006 Ford Rescue we bought through you is working out extremely well for us, and we are happy to see our 1982 GMC being put to good use in Arizona. We are very happy on both ends!

Ray Olsen, Chief
Mendon FD
Menton, Utah

“Thank you both so much for your help. You have been great and if anyone else has a truck to sell I’ll tell them to use you!”

Chuck Foster
High Falls Fire District, New York

“Thank you guys [gals] so much for all your help. This has been a nice and easy experience working with you.”

Brian Yurgatis
Lacyville/ Goodwill Fire Co

You really came through for us on everything!. I’ll definitely recommend you to other departments!

Justin Griffith
Hamblen Twp VFD
Morgantown, IN

We purchased a 65’ Sutphen through their service.. Love the truck and the ladies made the purchase and delivery amazingly easy.

Ira Brown, Chief
Eighth Ward VFD, Louisiana

Thank you Ladies, we really appreciate all you’ve done for us!

Dion Duffy

Thank you very much - I’m actually meeting with another local Chief tomorrow - they have a truck to sell and I plan on singing your praises.

Jim Greer
Walker Valley

Expected our tanker would sell fast, but didn’t expect it to take fewer than 8 hours!

Tyson Ford, Chief
Ekron Fire & Rescue

I’m ecstatic: This is the 4th we’ve sold [ with you ladies ] !

Dennis Burnell
Fire District #3

Thank you, we appreciate it very much!

Wilson Hagg
Upper Pine Fire
Bayfield, CO

I just wanna thank you guys for all your help and if we're ever looking for another truck we'll be happy to get back with Firetec because you guys have a great web page. It's a great piece of equipment and was exactly what we were looking for. Thanks a lot.

Dave Wiley
Elkton VFD

The deal with Johnson County went thru today.

Thank you for your help with selling it. Went a lot faster than I anticipated.

Chief Matt Watters

It is a fine well maintained fire engine. It is not going in service but will be a collector truck.

William Bernhard

Thanks for your services! Sold in less than a week.

Rod Goldsberry,
Richland Twp,
Bluffton OH

Thank you very much for your dedication to helping us sell the vehicle.

Ed Fredrickson
Fire Chief
Ellicottville Fire Department

2003 F-550 Re-lettered.
Purchased Sept 2018 and relettered, but not yet in servce as of Nov 2018. Still changing things around.

It’s really a nice truck. I haven’t taken it to any Children’s Hosp yet. Next year. Thanks for all your help in finding it.

Private buyer, Aurora, CO

2001 Freightliner/ Pierce purchased from Steel Creek VFD of Charlotte, NC was quickly utilized for a farm rescue class!

Eric Kaltenmark
Greeneville Emergency & Rescue, TN

Our new to us apparatus has proven to be our best investment to date. The purchase process was a breeze and we had help at every turn, from scheduling a pre-purchase inspection to the help finding a freight company to deliver it for us. We really appreciate the service that you good people provide

Glenn Surley, Chief
Pottsville VFD

Would like to Thank you ladies for your help again. I belive this the 3rd if not the 4th unit we sold through your company. The process is easy and Chief Ray King of Trent vol. Fire co. In Trent Texas will be getting a great unit. AGAIN Thanks!

Chief Charlie Green &
Chief Engineer Chuck Doyle
Gamber & Community Fire co.
Finksburg, Md.

Ms Barb
We purchased 2 trucks off of your website this year and are quite happy with both. We are the only department in our area to have a cafs system now and we show it off as often as possible. Chief Rusty and Chief Dave were both a pleasure to deal with as well as your office. We will not hesitate to do business with you again in the future. Thanks for your help.

Doug Girtman
Effie VFD

Thanks for putting 2 small departments together to help one another out. With out your website we would have never found one another. Keep up making the connections.

Dyke Shaffer
Bellflower Fire Protection District, IL

Thanks for all of your help with this!

Michael A. Robbins
Fire Chief
North Hornell Fire Department

Thank you for all the help with the 88 E-One pumper tanker.

Chief William Hummel
Chester Hill Hose Co.

Thank you for marketing our Rescue and getting a qualified Department to purchase it.

Michael Klemish
Asst. Chief Stepney VFD

Sale complete. All happy!

Thanks they are great guys and it couldn’t have gone better.


Bruce Vander Veen
Sharon F&R, Wisconsin

Ms Barb
We purchased 2 trucks off of your website this year and are quite happy with both. We are the only department in our area to have a cafs system now and we show it off as often as possible. Chief Rusty and Chief Dave were both a pleasure to deal with as well as your office. We will not hesitate to do business with you again in the future. Thanks for your help.

Doug Girtman
Effie VFD

Its working well have not been on any calls but have had it out testing it and everything seems to work good ruck runs and drives well.

Chris Adair
Village of Harris

Dear Barb,
We would like to thank you and Firetec for your services involved with selling our brush truck. We could not be happier with the end result of our truck moving to Kentucky. The whole process was very professional and courteous.

Chief Bryan Fuhs
Scandinavia VFD

Yes I did just receive the final payment yesterday. Thanks for all your help you gals were great!

Mark Shippee (buyer)
Aurora, MN

We are utilizing the new to us truck quite frequently. It is our first out truck. We absolutely love.

Mike Abbott
Steelville MO

Jennifer, I am sure by now you know that we have purchased the truck from Scott in Michigan. He has been super great to work with and was really patient with us in the process. Feel like we now have a great friend. The truck is now home in Bellflower Ill. and getting ready for the next 20 yrs of service for us. Thanks for all you do putting fire districts and fire departments together for the benefit of both entities.

Keep up the great work Girls!!

Bellfower Fire Protection District President
Dyke Shaffer

Hey Barb - Been using it for training, but has not been to an official call. Great buy for the money, and replaces an 84 E1 80’ stick.

John Baker
NVFD, Wyoming

Thank you very much. We will always continue to work with you and Firetec. Right now we are trying to raise money to buy a much needed all Terrain vehicle to better our community. Have a great day! Thank you for everything and getting our truck sold!

Ben Tucker
Paul Smiths - Gabriels VFD

We bought it and drove it back to Oklahoma everything went great.. Thank you for helping us on this truck it is a great asset to our department, thanks for all y’all do.

Bryan King
Hitchita Area FD

Good Morning,
We have purchased the engine Waupum FD had listed for sale. It was the 1996 Pierce Saber, extremely clean engine with very low miles. We drove it from Wisconsin without any problems at all. Very glad we found a truck of that quality, we have been looking for about a year.Thanks for your help in finding a great engine.

Bob Thornton

We have purchased our last 3 ambulances from your website and just want to let you know we have been very satisfied with your services and the ambulances we have purchased! We have suggested your website to other ambulance services in our area! Thanks again for being one of the few trusted used ambulance sales companies that are available to us!

Michelle Smith
Med Atlantic Ambulance
Latta, SC

Just wanted to reach out and say thanks for all the help on the purchase of our new rescue truck.

South Fulton Fire Dept
Asst Chief
William Palmer Jr

I wanted to thank you for your help with this sale and making it possible. We would not have made this sale if it had not been for your help.

Thank you!

Geoff Hack
Holland Fire District

Good morning Barb,
Just wanted to say hello and let you know that we have our new ladder truck, fully fitted, lettered, and back in service. Bob and the entire department out there were awesome and together we were able to work out a lot of things before we picked up the truck. On behalf of the entire department we would like to thank you for all your help throughout the process. We are one happy department right now.

(from buyer) Hey ladies we can't thank you enough for all your help with finding our new truck! A very big thank you from all of us a Lakeview Heights Fire Protection District!

Deryk Knipes
Middlwtown Springs FD

Hey ladies we can't thank you enough for all your help with finding our new truck! A very big thank you from all of us a Lakeview Heights Fire Protection District!

Ryan Metscher
Lakeview Heights FPD

Hi Barb,
The truck made it to Tennessee last week. Thank you for all the help!

Tony Pouliot
Westford, VT

Thank you for your help! I certainly enjoyed working with you!

(Sold within hours!)

Chief Steve Simmons
Oak Ridge FD

Deeply appreciate the service and the sale!!

Many thanks!

David Aldrighetti
Bethel FD

Thanks for your help and I would recommend you guys to anyone.

Beau Foster VFD
Cle Elem, WA

Greetings Barbara,

The sale went through, and the truck is at its new home...THANK YOU very much for your assistance. It has been nothing but a very good business experience on our end.

Howard Troue
Ellenville Fire Rescue

Thanks Jen. We appreciate you being able to market the truck to a successful sale. I’m sure we will be in touch when we get ready to sell another vehicle.

Thanks for sticking with our project, and getting us an amazing pumper in our TIGHT budget!!

Thank you.

Greg Lentz

Thanks for your great service I am very impressed with your company!

Fred Miller
Hillside Copake

We are really enjoying a rescue we got through you guys a few years back: Great truck!

Kyle White

Hey thank for working with the Delaware Volunteer Fire departments acquisition of the 2008 Ford Light Rescue rig from Fridley, MN . Here is a picture of it all stickered up.
Thanks again!

Justin Collins
DVFD Asst Fire Chief

Rex with Walsh Fire Department picked up the 1991 Ford today.
Thanks for your great service in moving both of our trucks. We are well pleased.

Brian Chambers
Marble Rock Fire Department

I can’t believe how quickly we were able to find an interested party. Thank you for all your assistance. Have to say, we have been impressed with Firetec!

Kyle Miller
Cedarville Twp VFD

Hi Barb.

Just wanted to show these photos to you showing we got our new (to us) truck in service. It is a great truck. Thanks so much.

Jeff Bernard
Wayne Fire Protection #1

Jeff Bernard
Wayne Fire Protection #1

Thanks so much for your professional and persistent work in helping us sell our truck. Please use me as a reference anytime.

Chief Billy Rushing
White Marsh-Welches Creek Community VFD
Whiteville, NC

Thank you for the assistance in selling this engine.

Chief James Graben
Palos Fire Protection District
Palos Park, IL

We have received payment from the buyer and they picked up the tanker yesterday. Thank you for making this a VERY quick and painless process, it has been a pleasure dealing with your company for such a short period of time !

Dion Tomer

Dion Tomer, Chief
Blackstone VFD, VA

Very pleased with the service provided. Thank you.

Joe Doan, Chief
Algonac FD

Thanks for your help selling our truck!
It has been a pleasure working with you.

Chris "Chopper" Overbeck, Chief
Montrose Fire Protection District

Thank you once again for a fabulous job selling another truck for our department.
Keep up the great work

Fire Chief David Corazzi

Thank you all: You do a great job and we love doing business with you.

Chief Jason Long
Milton VFD

"Good Work by Firetec. Wasn’t for your company we would not have gotten this customer."

Richard Miller
Union Rescue

You made it so much easier for us. We appreciate all your help.

Chief Larry Chrismon
Whitsett FD

Chief Eddie Waley and Travis McIntyre from the Bennington Fire Department flew in last night and inspected our truck. They were even more impressed when they saw it than they were from the pictures. They purchased the truck and left with it early this morning heading back to Oklahoma. I have attached a picture of some of our firefighters along with our guests from Oklahoma.

Thank you for all your efforts in helping us to find a very suitable new home for our truck.

Lynn Parrish
Ionia FD, New York

Thanks for all.your help. The airboat also workout really well. Thanks.

(They sold this 1993 GMC and purchased a boat from Conesus, NY!)

Brendan Keough
Saranac Lake VFD

We met with guys from Hovland VFD Friday morning and completed the sale of our Kenworth Tanker. It went great and everyone went home happy. Thanks for another great sale.

Clinton Osborn
Onekama Township Fire Department

Thank you for helping us sell our fire engine. I am very happy with the service we received from firetec and would be happy to recommend it to others in the future.

Our department is very happy with our choice in listing it with you. Your company gave us a ton of leads!

Greg Wilhelm
Guilderland Fire District

From us all at Woodlawn Fire Protecton District, we would like to thank the Firetec Ladies for all the help selling our apparatus! You all made the process so smooth for us and a great selling experience!

Ryan Clinton
Woodlawn, Illinois

Thank you ‘guys’ for all your help.

Chief Michael Souther
Rutherford County Rescue

Thanks again for selling our truck. especially this fast. attached is Photo of Jim (buying department), Ryan (selling department), fire chief Brian Gehrig (selling department)

- Ryan Larsen
Pine Lake FD, Wisconsin

Hi Jen, I want to say thank you and great job, this is our second truck you have sold and we have purchased two trucks thru you. Its always a pleasure working with you. THANKS again!

Tom Tucker
Paul Smiths - Gabriels VFD

We are happy and hope the truck will serve them as well as it has for
Thank Again for your help.

Dick Fulmer,
South Creek FD

Thank You so much for pulling through for us! (AGAIN!!) I think that this is the 3rd or 4th truck that we've had you sell for us. I'm just glad that another department can actually get good use out of them! It's a damn shame to scrap good working equipment when a lot of places don't have anything.

Thank You again!

Bill Sirka

Thanks for being our partner in selling the truck. It's greatly appreciated.

Bob Daros
Croton Falls, NY

Here is the pic of the truck we bought from sparks Nevada thank y'all

Doke White
Tishomingo, OK

Thank you for making this a smooth and successful transaction. I've recommended your service to a nearby department.

Chief Mike Riesterer
Manchester Twp FD

Thank you so much for selling our truck - the process was very easy and I’ve already referred some others. I can’t believe how many departments were interested in our truck!

Chief Steve Bourgois
Malletts Bay VFD

Thank you once again for doing a great job of helping us facilitate the sale for our truck. You always do a great job of getting the word out. As always I will spread the word if we come across a local dept. selling or looking for a truck.

Tim Buck
Sheakleyville CVFD, PA

Hello from the Bluegrass state once again.
Thanks to your hard work and dedication we have sold or poor lil ole truck.
The Guys from Pike New York, made the drive down (12 plus hrs), spent 3 hrs crawling on ,in ,over,under and thru our truck, took three tests drives, drafted and sprayed water. and in the end decided it was as good as you described it to be. They brought the check with them and left with a firetruck.

Doug Redden
West Marshall FD

Thanks for getting our truck sold so quickly. Through your network, an interested buyer was found, made the trip down here to see the truck, and completed the sale within just a couple of weeks. Great job. It was quick and painless.

Chief Dave Dyal
City of Stuart, FL

Barb, would like to thank you and Firetec for helping us with the quick sale of our rescue trucks

Deputy Chief Matt Covey

Here is a picture of the truck we purchased from East Wood VFD/ We are very satisfied with it. Thank you and Firetec so much for everything.

Chief Bobby Rose, Jr
Gary, WV

We have sold apparatus in the past but this by far was the most pleasant experience and least amount of time involved.

Thanks again for assisting with us with the sale.

Colton Shoemaker
Lubeck VFD

Good morning Barb,

We met with the crew from Kirkwood Fire on Saturday morning and negotiated a final price. We would like to thank you,Jen and your entire staff. It has been a pleasure.

Thanks again

Dave Knapp

Thank you and Firetec for the wonderful job , Hijuelas Fire department in Chile are very happy with the new truck 1994 Pierce lance from Mount Sinai F.D. In New York

This fits into our operations like a glove. It’s one of the finest used fire trucks I’ve seen in my life. You are a top-notch organization.
A big ‘thank you’ to you!

Dave Shell
Atchison County, KS

I just wanted to let you know that i got the truck from Lower Mahanoy, PA on Friday. We are very pleased with the truck so far. Thank you so much for your assistance.

Chief Phillip Hornsby
Iron City Volunteer Fire-Rescue
Iron City, Ga

Thank you for all your hard work. If you ever need testimonial let us know.

Deputy Chief Chad Adams

On behalf of the Officers and members of the Greene-Dreher Fire Association we would like to express our thanks for your Help in selling our truck. When the time comes to sell another truck we will Definitely be using Firetec.

Jason Kilpatrick
Green Dreher Vol Fire Assoc.

We tried listing our truck for sale in the PA Fireman and only received two calls - both tire kickers. Firetec got it listed and sold. Your company did the trick! We appreciate everything you did for us and will recommend you highly.

Chief Gary Scheller

Thank you and Firetec for the wonderful job of selling our truck so quick.


Dan Mallory
Fire Chief
Fort Calhoun Fire/Rescue

Jennifer, thank you for your assistance in locating this truck. Everyone on the department is very happy with our purchasing this apparatus & it will serve our community very well. Again thank you much for your assistance.

Jim Jerousek
Harris VFD, Iowa

I would like to thank you and the staff at FireTec for an outstanding job in expediting this matter for our fire district.

Bill Lothrop, Chairman
Wurtsboro Fire District, NY

Left Swisher at 1600 hours today. Everything just felt right in this transaction and I am pleased it is going to a good home. Thank you

Eugene Beard
Deputy Chief
Jefferson-Monrow FD, Inc.

Just purchased the 93 Top-Kick pumper from Advance Indiana. Putting it in service in Bathgate N.D. today. Great truck!

Bill McDermott

We can’t thank Firetec enough - our KME would certainly still be sitting here if we didn’t have your help to find a buyer.

Chief John Grosskopf
Beaver Volunteer Fire Dept

Hello Barb(Firetec) & John (seller)
Barb. just want to say Thank You !! for the help getting this ladder truck. We did receive it Sunday Noon time and we were pleased with the purchase!!!! it was what you said it was John Rogers so Thank You!!!


Brian Caron
Chief of Van Buren FD, Maine

I am sure you know that we completed our vehicle purchase with Manchester Township, Mi. Just wanted to say thank you for FIRETEC's Help.

Also thank you for your help.

Tom Woodin
Asst. Chief Bear Lake VFD, Bear Lake Pa.

"Again ladies, I would like to thank you for the help in getting us this truck. We needed a 2nd aerial for our up coming ISO inspection. We had to have a few minor repairs done to the truck when we got it home but for the price we paid this truck was a steal. I and the members thank you again and will continue to check your web site never know when we will find something else to purchase. Purchasing 2 units from you in a month very easy and we thank you for helping us through the purchase."

Chief John Badjar
Boles Acres FD
New Mexico

This truck worked out really, really good for us! It’s a really good truck!

Rick Anderson, Chief

The Lawrenceville FD just drove away with the 1991 Pierce Telesquirt. I wanted to say thank you for your help in selling the truck.

Chief John Tosko
City of Kent FD
Kent, Ohio

Hello ladies sorry this has taken so long but here's the pics of the ambulance we purchased with your help. Thanks very much this is a great addition to our fleet.

Chief John Badjar

We have been thoroughly impressed with our “new to us” pumper. It has performed flawlessly, and FAR exceeded even my expectations. We couldn’t be happier.

Chief Clint Hodges
Effingham Cty, Georgia

Thank you for your service this will make the second time you folks have sold this engine. We purchased it through you in I think 2000 and our Chief then spoke very highly of your company.

Thank you

Tracy Miller

The Ohio company picked up the truck on Saturday. ..all worked out great, thank you!

Patrick Clifford, President Jeffersonville NY Fire

Thank you for assisting us with the selling of our Fire Truck.

Chief Gould

Hey Jen, thanks for all that you and Barb did for us. E11 is going to a good home and I feel good about it. This was the first due engine that I drove to my very first house fire, so there are some sentimental memories there.
Thanks again!

Chief John Kachanuk
Havana, IL

Barb and others,
Just to let you guys know, we have purchased and taken possession of the New Jersey truck. Tony, Jeff, and his board have worked with us tremendously, we love the truck.
Thanks for your company and your help with this.

Chief Lonnie Kuhn
Corinth Fire Department

We sold our engine today for the asking price. Thanks for your help. This was a great group of guys from Montezuma, GA.

Dale Hall
Metal Twp Fire & Ambulance Co #21

The inspection went well - we bought it and drove it home! They were very nice to pick us up at the airport... please thank Barb & Kate for all their help.

Mike Tillis
Alexandria Twp FD

We greatly appreciate your help. We’ll be sure to be in touch next time we need to sell a truck.

Chief Justen Diaz
Memphis VFD

We put the check for the sale of the truck in the mail yesterday afternoon. Thanks to all for the help. We would have never recieved the amount we did if not for your advertisments and patience.

Dennis Whitby
Drewryville VFD

Payment has been received for the rescue truck and they are picking it up this morning. Thanks for all your help with the process. Once again it Has been a pleasure working with you and your crew for yet another good outcome. Keep up the great work.


Chief Larry Shutt
West End Fire Co #3

I would like to thank you for the outstanding service, Firetec supplied the Clearwater Township Fire Department.
In less than 50 days our rescue was sold and in it’s new home at the Westbrookville NY Fire Department. Working with
Firetec was very easy and pleasant I would recommend you to anyone.

Gregory Bradley
Assistant Chief Station 5
Clearwater Township Fire Department

Received the truck today!! Everything looks great. Very pleased. I appreciate the support throughout the purchasing process.
Thanks again,

Tracy Mcalister, Chief
Glencoe VFD

“This is our second truck from Firetec and we love working with you girls.
The guys were very accommodating and even took us out to dinner,
it was a great experience, we are very excited. Thank you!”

Chief Mike Arsenault
Turner, Maine

Good evening,

Great news, we received a payment in full from NJ and unit was driven away Thursday Afternoon. It has been a pleasure dealing with Firetec.

Tom Koss
Fluvanna Fire District

“If you need a reference any time, have them call me! Y’all have been a pleasure and so helpful!”

Jeremy Powell
Van Alstyne Fire & EMS

Made a couple of trips to the beautiful state of Vermont. The second trip came home with a nice pumper/tanker. Thanks Firetec and Williston Fire Dept.

Steve Johnson, Chief
Madison FireDept

As they say, check is in the mail from the sell of our mini pumper. Thanks again for your patience and assistance in moving our truck

Cherryhill Twp VFC


I'm sure you already know but we bought the fire truck we found on your website that was in Stillwater, NY. We just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the information on the truck and also for the information on the shipping company.

Thanks again,

Patrick Hendren
Assistant Chief,
Little Brushy Mountain VFD
Wilkesboro NC

Thank you. I talked with Chief Hooker this morning and he seems thrilled. The truck ran home without a problem and even participated in a parade on Sunday. Everyone seems happy!

Chief Reese
North Ridgeville FD

Hi Jennifer,
Here are some pictures of the 1991 Int’l pumper truck that we got from you out of Tire Hill, PA. The truck already had a workout to save a house next to a burning bar. We did save the house but the bar was a total loss. The truck pumped for five hours and worked great. The guys love the truck.

Thanks for everything on our second truck from Firetec.

Lyle Haney
Fire Chief
Gregory Fire Dept.
Gregory, SD

Jennifer, we have purchased this vehicle from the Ogburn Fire Dept. and we are going to pick it up on Friday. Thank you for all your help...this will be the fifth vehicle that we purchased through Firetec in our short (18 year) existence. You guys do a great job.

Paul McFarlane, Colvill Fire Dept.

Hello Jen and Barb !
Apparently after seeing the reduced price on the mini pumper on the hot sheet, Chief Martin called me and said that he was still interested in purchasing the unit.
He sent his folks here this morning and they now have the truck.
Again, thank you very much for getting the word out on this unit, I am glad that it can serve that department .

Donnie Kilpatrick, Fire Chief
North Transylvania Fire Rescue

The Claverack Fire Department purchased this vehicle on March 4, 2014 and we are taking delivery today, March 5, 2014. Thank you for helping us find a vehicle that met our needs both operationally and financially in a quick, efficient and relatively painless manner! Of course we were lucky and this particular vehicle was located 1 hour away, but we probably never would have known of its existence but for Firetec! Thank you again.

Mike Cozzolino

Thank you very much for your help in the sale of our truck. I will surely refer others to you for the sale of their apparatus.

Bill Cogley,

We just received delivery of a pumper truck from cadyville NY. and couldn't be happier. Firetec has come through for us again, we purchased an ambulance in late 2013 with same results.

The folks in Cadyville were outstanding to work with and took a lot of pride in the fact that the truck was what we expected, or even better. We have, and will continue to recommend Firetec to everyone we talk to. Thank You!!!

Jim Schake--Chief
Bellingham Fire Dept

Happy with results...Use us for testimonials if you want...we are very pleased with your services and will use again.

Jeff Kehl
Riverton FD
Riverton, Wyoming

Thank you for your service, IT WORKS!

Dan Tucker
Putnam Volunteer Fire Co

Thank you for all your help with the purchase of our rescue truck. We took delivery of it November 9th. They delivered it to us and we were very excited to get it.

Now the work begins getting it changed over. As you know it's the wrong color. The rig is everything it was advertised to be and all are excited to put it into service.

We are very pleased with your service and will recommend you to all. Thanks again for your help and have a nice Thanksgiving.

Denny Wilson, Chief
Lincoln Fire Prot. Dist.

From seller:
Again, Firetec came through with flying colors. I would and do recommend your services to others in the fire service.
Chief Thomas Clements
Burlington FD
Burlington, Iowa

From Buyer:
Hey Barb,
Just dropping you a note that we bought this ambulance, the folks in Burlington are great to work with and get to know, they also made sure everything was as described and in working order. I also want to thank you guys, you have been great. We've requested info on several trucks in past year or so but finally found exactly what we wanted.

thanks again

Chief Thomas Clements
Burlington FD
Burlington, Iowa

Thanks again for making everything so easy for us.


We are so happy with the three engines that we purchased from your company. If I hear of anyone looking for a any kind of fire truck I will be contacting you. Thank you again for all your great help and for being the best in selling fire trucks.

William Leflet
City of Dorris FD
Dorris, California

Good Morning Jennifer,
We sold the truck Tuesday. Where do we forward a check to you folks? Also thank you for the help you guys were great.

Jack Melsom

I have recommended your company to several other departments looking to sell trucks. Thanks for your assistance.

George Flint
Hebron Fire Co

A big Thanks to Archer City Fire for a Great Truck and the folks at Firetec for all the help and a great website.

Jack Rodkey
Southwest Buchanan City Fire District
Rushville MO

It’s a done deal. Once again another great job from you folks at Firetec.

Center Left: Chief Randy Coleman of Fort Motte VFD, SC
Center RIght: Chief Timothy Buck of Sheakleyville
Members of Fort Mott on each side.

Thank You
Timothy Buck
Fire Chief, Sheakeyville Community VFD, Pennsylvania

Hello Jennifer,
I didn't know how often you saw the end result of the work that you do. Here is a photo of the Engine from the Burlington Fire Department sitting in front of the Fire Station in Oakley, Idaho. They picked it up Friday and drove it from Iowa to Idaho and it arrived in Oakley yesterday.

Thanks again,

Thomas J. Clements
Deputy Chief of Operations
Burlington Fire Department

We are extremely proud to have this vehicle in our fleet now. This will serve us well for many years.

Larry Shutt
Fire Chief

Everything went just fine on Saturday. Between Firetec and the Springfield Fire Department, we could not have asked for a smoother business deal. Shown: Bob Fanelli President Springfield Fire, Mike Kline President Union Twp. Fire Co., and Rick Wetzel Fire Chief Union Twp. Fire Co.

Rick Wetzel Fire Chief Union Twp. Fire Co.

Hi Barb, you can mark this one sold, it’s gone full circle! We bought this truck thru you guys about 9 years ago. Now it has been sold. Thanks for all you did to help us find this one in the past and to sell it now.

Doug Redden
E.N.O. Fire Dept.
Benton, KY

Hello Ladies,
Our 1999 Ambulance pulled out of our lot for the very last time on Saturday. They were VERY happy to get a rig with such low mileage for that price. All in all, a WIN-WIN situation.
Thank you again, it's always a pleasure!

Kelly Lally, District Secretary
St James Fire District

Dick Robertson of Mecklenburg Vol Fire Co with buyers, Albert Fox of Stoneham, Maine and his sons, Gregg and Mike.

Barb, The sale of our Mack pumper has been completed without a hitch. It has been a pleasure doing buisness with you.
Thanks again,Larry

Chief Larry Turner
Hinsdale FD
Hinsdale, MA

Hi Barb,

Thanks for all your help facilitating this sale!

Steve Hare
Levittown-Fairless Hills Rescue Squad

We at Dorris City Volunteer Fire Department would like to thank you and the staff at Firetec for helping us with the smooth process in purchasing the two Beck Ottawa Pumpers out of Santa Ana. The engines made the 500 plus mile trip with no problems. The Volunteers and the City our happy with these engines. When we get our decals on the and put them in service we will send you a picture for your web site. Thank once again.

William Leflet
Dorris City, CA

Good Morning Jen.
Just would like to thank you and Barb for helping us out with the truck. We went down and picked it up on the 23rd and we had it in service the 24th . The truck will be a great asset to us knowing that it will replace our 1974 pumper. All the members were very excited to see the truck and who knew that working with people like you and barb could make buying a fire truck so easy. Thanks again from the Solon Fire Department.

Firefighter Brian Coombs
Solon Fire, ME

I want to thank you and your staff for another successful used apparatus sale! If I can ever do anything for you, please let me know.

Chief Steve Simmons
Oak Ridge Fire & Rescue Company
Oak Ridge, NC.

Dear Jennifer, we have picked the truck up and will soon get other needed equipment to place in service. Thanks so much for putting us in touch with this dept look forward to many years of service with this unit. Will let any depts looking for trucks know about our purchase through your company and advise them to check y’all out. Thanks again and have a wonderful year.

Chief Bobby Burgess

Barb and Jen,
I want to thank you girls for the work you've done selling our Pumper. This is the second truck Firetec has sold for us. You kept us updated on all the Departments interested. The advertisement was excellent.
Thank You Very Much

Bill Schierbrock and the entire Neola Fire Department.

it is going to a great place. It was sold to a college out of Toronto Canada and “....will be used to train 1000’s of firefighters entering the next phase of their lives. This connection would not have made possible without your assistance.

Thank you for all of your assistance with the sale of our engine.”

Chief Joel McColl
City of Savage, MN

“This is the cleanest truck we have ever seen and they have been GREAT to work with.we are replacing a 1954 Dodge M37 we have had since 1977 with this 2002 unit.”

Chuck Doyle, Chief Engineer
Gambler & Community FIre Co.

Jen, The Mack was Shipped to Amherst Texas today.
Thank you and all of your staff for all of the help in selling our truck.

Fred Hartman FS
Eureka Hose Co.


We got the truck home just fine and everything was as described. I thank you for your time and help with the purchase.


Jason Booth
Wilson County Rural Fire

Barb, I want to take this time to thank you and Firetec for all that you have done. Firetec has helped us find buyers for all three of our trucks.
Again, thank you very much.

Chris Parks
Chief of the Cherry Hill Fire Company No. 1

Hi Jennifer!
Just wanted to let you know that we have accepted the offer from the folks at Carolina Township (Stokes Community FD).
Thanks for helping me sell another truck!

You guys are great!

Chief Steve Simmons
Oak Ridge FD

Thanks for your help on the fire truck. We are very happy with it is going to be a great help. Serving our community.

Luke Nielsen
Gilmore City Fire Department

Thank you for your help selling our used fire truck!

Valerie Johnson
Ringgold Fire Dept

Thank you for the awesome advertising you did to help us get our truck sold!

Brad Ellsworth
Waymart Ambulance

Thank you for all your help in locating a truck for our fire department!

Chief George Kern
Crowley, CO

Thanks for all of your help with our recent purchase and sale of our truck.

Chief Peggy Horn
Perry Twp

Jennifer, Thanks again for the great service. We never expected to sell this soon.

Rick Todd, Salem WV VFD

We just bought the truck and got it home today. We are very happy with the truck and it is exactly what we were told it was, there were no surprises and it made the 3500 mile journey home without issue.

Deputy Chief Malcolm Heathcote
East Gorham FD
Thunder Bay, Ontario

Highland VFD bought our tanker on Saturday. Thanks for all of your efforts and help. Chief Jako was very pleased with Firetec also. Thanks again.

Chief Hoover
Little Dixie FPD

Larry Johnk of First Co-op presenting a check to help defray cost of truck to Fire Chief Deron Schmidt.

Now serving Battle Creek, Iowa. This unit was sold by Firetec for the Epworth FD in Epworth, Iowa.

Here are the two pictures that were taken at the South Holland Fire Dept. for the ladder truck that the Sandy Hill Vol Fire Dept purchased. Again, thanks for your help.
From L to R are Sandy Hill Fire Chief Hoy Duhon, Asst Fire Chief Lontae Bell, Lt Ray Gillory and on the far right, South Holland Lieutenant Ronal Kalkowski.

Sandy Hill VFD Asst Chief Lontae Bell

Barb, We sealed the deal! The Engine is on its way to Troy, IN. Ill email pics over the weekend to you. We appreciate you selling our truck in under 40 days! This is our second apparatus you have sold for us. Thanks Again,

Scott Mann
Chief, West Sebring VFD

Good morning Barb,
We picked up the 1989 E-1 from Sykesville Fire Dept. on Saturday the 24th of March. The truck ran great on the 3.5 hr trip from Maryland to it's new home in Bloomsburg Pa. The folks at Sykesville were great. The service from Firetec was amazing as always. Barb you got me answers even before you had all the paper work. We know how hard you and Jenn work to provide customers with the info they need as we are repeat customers both selling and purchasing. Keep up the great work. Thanks

Mike Neiswender
Beaver Twp Vol Fire Co.
Bloomsburg, PA

I what to thank you for your hard work and continuous updates, we will be using Firetec again.

Lt Ryan Doyle
Jefferson-Como FPD

Barb, Thank you for your help with this truck. Robert was great to deal with, he picked us up at the airport and made sure the truck and transitions were ready. It was a great trip and when I arrived back at the fire house today the Fire Fighters were very pleased with this truck.
Thanks Again

David Claeys, Chief
Barton Fire Dept
Barton, Vermont

Thank you for all your hard work. It was a pleasure doing business with both of you.

Darren Severance
Assistant Chief
Cambridge Fire Company

Our 1986 IH starting its 2500 mile journey off to Walker Fire Protection in Presott Az. Once thing came together [for the buyer]things went smooth for all parties involved. The truck driver handled the load as it was his own personal truck he was shipping. Again I want to thank Firetec for doing such a good job for us here at Deer Lake & West Brunswick Fire Co. We know who can get the job done and as we all know there will be future listing from us

Thanks Again
Kevin Geiger
Chief Engineer/Vice President
D.L.& W.B. F.C #1

I just loved seeing Wells Townships new fire truck in your data base as the 150 truck sold in 2011. The truck is everything and more than we expected. We are going to be looking for anothjer one just like it only newer in acouple years. Your mag will be the one we will rely on to get what we want ,just because of the selection.

I work at Marquette Mountain ski resort in the winter, come ski up here, in gods country. Look at our web site and see what we have to offer.

Starr Poquette -Chief from Wells TWP Fire Dept

Starr Poquette
Chief from Wells TWP Fire Dept

The truck has been sold and delivered! Thank you for your help in getting the unit sold.

Paul Cerutti, Asst Chief
Woodbury VFD
Woodbury, Vermont

Hey Barb, Here are a couple pics of the engine we bought from Logans Ferry Heights. Thanks for everything.

Captain Chad Angelini
Sudlersville VFC, Maryland


Thanks for all the hard work you did with helping us in locating a replacement for our air/utility unit. The piece we selected meet all our current needs and added some additional space for support not only to our own company but to our entire county has well. This piece will become a great support piece to our community and neighboring communities as well. Thanks again.

Fayette Fire Company Vehicle Comittee

The staff at Firetec was once again outstanding in helping us sell our used apparatus. It was our second time using Firetec and we look forward to a continued working relationship with your fine staff. Within hours of listing our truck, we made connection with the new buyers and had details worked out........” Dave Fredrick, Assistant Chief, Brockway Twp. Fire. Yale, Michigan

This unit was just as advertised, everything you said it was, and the guys were super-good. It was exactly what we had been looking for. It met all of our criteria. Thank you! - Dave Albers, Persia VFD, Persia, IA (buyer)

Dave Albers
Persia VFD
Persia, IA

Firetec published this unit in the May 2011 catalog, which we mailed to 27,630 departments. It was on our website for 58 days and received 923 page views which enticed 21 departments to contact us about it before it sold in under 2 months. Does your department have the ability to target the market like that? Put our expertise to work for your department! We sell fire trucks full time!

Sold for Caney Creek VFD in TX
Now Serving in Sheldon, SC

Barb & Jen, on behalf of the Board of Fire Commissioners, I want to give you a BIG THANK YOU for selling our used apparatus. The short time that it took to sell it proves that Firetec is the ONLY company to count on. Other vendors make al ot of promises, but Firetec makes it happen !!!

Commissioner Les Johnson
Cody VFD
Fulton, NY

All went very well with our vehicle showing Thursday evening. A sale was completed and engine is enroute to Levy Fire Department in Hardeesville, SC.

Your services on this matter has been greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Tom Koss
Fluvanna Fire District
Fire Commssioner

Woo Hooooo both vehicles sold in the same week. Thanks!

John Gorski, Chief
Kimball Twp, MI

We appreciate all that your company has done for us to make this a pleasurable selling experience.

Ed Godoy
Salisbury Mills Fire District

I want to thank you so much for all your help with selling our fire vehicle. This went very smoothly and fast!!! It was great working with you and your company and look forward to working with you in the future.

Diane Grube
Palmer Township, PA

“We’re very happy, we’ve used you guys before and we’ll always use Firetec. You do a great job.”

Mike Whalen
Limestone Fire Protection District

“Only 30 days from listing to deposit. This has worked out very well for us!”

Doug Cotterill
Dryden, NY

Thank you for offering this proven service to get the word across country for the sale of fire equipment.

Larry Brown
East Montpelier VFD
E Montpelier, VT

We are very pleased, this worked out good for everybody!

Philip Caruso, Chief
New Prospect FD
Inman, SC

Just wanted to thank you both for you help on purchasing the H1 Hummer. It is loaded on a truck and headed eastbound to us. I will try to send you a picture once we get it lettered.

Thanks again and always good to work with your company, this is our 2nd purchase thru you.

Christopher Blue
Ass't Chief
Southeast Daviess Fire District

Wedding day for Mr and Mrs Dan Calverley of Janesville, WI! Dan purchased this unit through Firetec for his May, 2010 wedding! It formerly served Eastwood Fire District in Kentucky.

Thanks for your help.

Robert Carrier Fire Chief W.C.F.D.#3

Thank you for all your help - We greatly appreciate it!
God Bless!

Ashley Hatfield
Public Relations Officer
Sunshine Fire Dept

We're a small rural dept, with a small budget, thanks to Firetec and especially the Inman Community Fire Dept. for working with us to make the purchase possible.

Chief John Beasley
Bentonville VFD
Four Oaks, NC

Barb- Just wanted to take a min and thank you and everyone else that helped in making our truck buying process a hit. Thank you so much for your friendliness and your consideration to help unite others. This has truley been the easiest buying process that we have ever gone thru. Keep up the good work. God bless.

Chief Nathan Nail
Shiloh FD
Rainsville, AL

Third truck purchased through Firetec and will buy our next one through Firetec also!

Mike Pearson, Chief
Hamilton Twp FD
Ironton, OH

We just picked it up today! Everything was great, they were great to deal with and the truck made the 4 1/2 ride home!

Thanks a million for all your help with the purchase!

Dave Demshock, Jr.
Deputy Chief
Nuremberg - Weston VFC
Weston, PA

We are loading it on the trailer right now-in the pouring down rain/thundering/lightning! Thanks for all of your help and for sending all of the contacts to me.

Brad Kapper
Oleny Firefighters Assoc, Inc

“One of quickest sales we've ever had, this worked great for us. I think you've sold every apparatus we've had and you provide a great service! Thank you!"

Tim Powell
Village of Stamford FD
Stamford, NY

“Leadwood did get our truck and we got ours on Wednesday as planned. Thanks for your help, they seem really happy with "our old" rig!”

Chief Rick Reither
Stoneboro VFD
Stoneboro, PA

“We are really happy that it sold so quickly!”

Brian Bull
Garland Vol Fire District
Garland, PA

“We are very pleased that the sale happened so fast!”

Troy Schalinske
St. Germain VFD
St. Germain, WI

The Virginia Department you referred our ambulance listing to bought our ambulance yesterday. I appreciate your help with the selling process.

Robert F. Pye
District Chief 4
Linden Volunteer Fire Department, VA

Hey Barb. Hope you are well. It seems your team has done it again. We sold our truck to Hardy's Chapel today. Thanks again.

Todd Chapmon
Mt Hope FD

These were a great bunch of guys to work with! That goes for them and you!!!!

Chief Chuck Bates
Bridgewater, PA

This is our 1993 Chevy 3500HD 4X4 we purchased from your company for the Hanover Township Emergency Management Agency. We have since added equipment (and 15 volunteers) necessary to respond to emergencies within the Township. The vehicle was what we expected and we drove it to our headquarters in Illinois. Everything worked fine.

I would recommend your service to anyone.

Robert T. Page
Emergency Management Agency Director
Hanover Township
Bartlett, IL

The rescue is working out great. It seems nice
to have a truck in the station that is less than 2 decades old! It was a
great find at a great price. Thanks again for the great connection and a big thanks for what you do for all us poor small tax paying volunteer fire departments!!!!!!!

Chief David Aldrighetti
Bethel FD
Bethel, VT

Barb and Jen,

Thank you ever so much with with your assistance in our efforts to market and sell our two apparatus. We feel that they have found "good" homes and are very satisfied with the prices we recieved. We never could have realized the same ammount of money by trying to sell on our own. In fact we have highly reccommended you to another department.
Thanks Again!

Les Jonnson
Chairman Cody Fire District

Good morning Barb,

It sure was a pleasure working with both of you ! I will pass the word.

Chief Denny Kingren
Paxton, IL

Thanks for helping to sell this truck so quickly.

Rick Lewis
Spring Brook VFC, Inc.
Moscow, PA

I would like to thank both of you for your efforts in making this sale possible.

Keith Scarbrough
Bono VFD
Cleburne, TX

(seller) This all worked out remarkably well. It was sad to see this truck go...Thanks again for everything.
Rick Pchoda
Goshen Fire Co
Westchester, PA

We are very happy to have received such an outstanding rig. We are very proud of the truck. The guys at the Goshen fire dept. deserve a very heartfelt THANK YOU! They were great to work with. Thanks again and keep up the great work!
Chief Dean Hendershot
Deer Creek, MN

You have a great service and a fast turnround. This is the second time we've sold a truck via Firetec and we had a wonderful response. You are very thorough and helpful, it helps us all out.

John Tobiassen, Chief
Plotterkill VFC, Inc.
Schenectady, NY

The process was very easy. The truck was well maintained by Fairfax County and was exactly what we were looking for. With a budget under $80,000 there is no way we can afford a new $400,000 engine. We have less than $100,000 in this truck and we anticipate being able to get atleast 10 years service as our first out engine

Delbert Edwards, Chief
Thoroughfare VFD
Goldsboro, NC

From the Buyer: Just wanted to let you know that we went to Serena yesterday. We were very pleased with the truck and purchased it. It is now setting in our station filled with water and waiting for a call. Many thanks again for all your help.
-Dwight Meyer
Prairie Home, MO

From the Seller:
We were able to sell our 1982 tanker through Firetec. Your company really does a good job of getting the word out fast. Thank you very much.
-Rodney Reese
Chief, Serena FD, Illinois

Jennifer, Thank you for all your help. We did purchase the rescue truck from Marlboro Fire Department. We just got the truck lettered and into service, we are waiting for a couple of more things for the truck. When it is all finished we will send you a picture of the truck.
Again thank you for all your help.

Mission Fire & Rescue

Thanks for the help connecting us with them. This is the third time we have sold or purchased vehicles through your company. Seems like a great way to do business.

Thanks again,

Kelly Karst
Hinsdale Fire District
Hinsdale, NY

"Our truck committee realized early on that we would not be able
to accomplish our goal [of buying a new unit], due to the price of a new truck. That's when
we turned to Firetec to help us locate a Rescue Truck that would fit
our needs. In less than one month we had this lead and within two
months it was parked in our station. It was a pleasure working with
all of the Firetec staff, they were very professional and we will be
looking to them for locating our next truck Thank you.’

Phillip Hoffis
Chief Engineer
Argyle Fire-Rescue
Argyle, New York

Update: June 2011:
Thanks for all the help over the years, you girls did a great job helping us peddle some of our trucks. Retired in April with 31 years volunteer service. Don't hesitate to call if you ever need a reference.

God Bless- Mark Cush

The advantage of Firetec’s service is the audience they get. It was great to be able to advertise with no risk. Firetec exceeded our expectations, they went farther than just a website and a catalog; working with the staff was a joy...the emails, phone calls, their personal attention... I wish all of my vendors were as easy to do business with.

Captain Mark Cush
Bolivar, Ohio

Thank you for your personal service and ability to meet our needs with the Rescue Truck we purchased through you. You knew our need for a specific configuration of truck and our budget and matched it perfectly. As soon as you found the truck, your quick notification to me allowed us to purchase the truck in record time.

It is my belief that if you are in the market to purchase, or sell, a piece of fire apparatus, Firetec is the only name you need to know.

Again thank you for your exceptional work and making this asset become a reality for our community.

Matt LaPointe
Board of Director,
West Fort Ann Vol. Fire Co. Inc.
West Fort Ann, New York

Thank you for your personal service and ability to meet our needs with the Rescue Truck we purchased through you. You knew our need for a specific configuration of truck and our budget and matched it perfectly. As soon as you found the truck, your quick notification to me allowed us to purchase the truck in record time.

It is my belief that if you are in the market to purchase, or sell, a piece of fire apparatus, Firetec is the only name you need to know.

Again thank you for your exceptional work and making this asset become a reality for our community.

Matt LaPointe
Board of Director,
West Fort Ann Vol. Fire Co. Inc.
West Fort Ann, New York

I want to thank you for your assistance in locating my first old/new engine. I drove up to Archdale, NC and purchased the 1978 Ford/Pierce C-8000 pumper. Wow what a great truck!!!
Thank you so much.

Anthony Palermo

A couple from Vermont picked up the rescue today, the whole transaction and experience has gone very well. Thank You!

Andy Lafond
Village of Thiensville, Wisconsin

Good Afternoon Jennifer,
GREAT, our fire truck just arrived at the city hall and everybody is happy.
We want to thank all of you for your collaboration to realise this purchase.
Thank you and have a good day.

Francine Forest
Adjointe administrative
Service de la prévention des incendies
de Saint-Charles-Borromée

Working with Firetec has been extremely easy. Their marketing effort
was excellent and made the difference for this sale. We will
definitely use Firetec again.
(in photo: buyer John Green of Canada)

Chief Rick Gallas
Richmond Fire
Richmond, Illinois

The truck we purchased from you arrived last week and it is everything you said it would be. It was a pleasure doing business with you. We have had the truck safety certified already and it went through with flying colors.

Ron Acton
Moose Jaw, SASK, Canada

I strongly believe in giving credit where it is due. I have nothing but great things to say about Firetec. It is a safe, secure way to sell fire apparatus. It was extremely convenient and simple to use. The fliers and website are of excellent quality also. When we first started, we looked at multiple fire apparatus sales services, but found yours most appealing. I can honestly say we made the right choice. The communications and professionalism were second to none. Thanks a million.

Mike Whalen
Limestone Fire Prot. Dist
Kankakee, Illinois

Thank so much for selling our truck in 2008. You people have been great to us - selling two of our trucks in 3 years. And Marvin Howard from Texas was a super guy. Thanks for all you have done for us!

Anthony Scapecchi
Asst Chief
Farmington Fire Dept
Farmington IL

This is a Picture of the truck we bought though Firetec’s web site. You do have a great web site it does help when looking for a truck. You people were very helpful and nice to deal with! I will tell all Fire Department I see about you I Thank You very much for all your help.

Ross Gagne
Asst. Chief
Turner FD, Turner, Maine

Good Morning Barb.
The rescue truck we had listed through Firetec sold over the weekend for our asking price. Thank you for listing it!

Dave Ebert
Benson, MN

We are extremely satisfied with the unit and feel that we paid a fair price for what we got. It will serve our needs for many years to come. Thank you for Firetec's excellent handling of getting us together.

Ron Weishaar, Chief
Cisco Fire Protection District
Cisco, IL

Hello Jen,
We did go to Bowling Green Fire Department and did purchase the truck. Thanks for your help and your quick response for the truck pictures.

Mike Micolochick
Freemansburg Fire Company No.1

Just to let you guys know we purchased the 1998 E-One Tele-squirt from Pekin Illinois. Very nice truck, we have it down here in Texas now. We drove it the whole way, about 900 miles at 6 miles to the gallon. The guys up in Pekin are a really great bunch. They treated us very well. Thanks.

Chief Matt Hutsell
Tolar VFD

I just wanted to call and tell you how much we appreciate everything you did for us. We called to department and flew in to pick up the truck the next day. Within the next week it was lettered, in service and doing good. Thanks again!

Bobbie Pearson
Union FD

We did purchase the truck and please pass on to Jennifer that I really appreciate her help also. The truck was just what my department was looking for.
Thanks again

Darrell Compton
Shelby Valley Volunteer Fire Department

On the left is Jay Degenford Asst. Fire Chief ,Edgewood Fire Dept. ,Edgewood ,IA. On the right is Todd Jones Deputy Chief of the Marengo-Union Rescue Squad ,Marengo ,Il. Thank You

Jay Degenford, Asst. Chief
Edgewood Fire Department
Edgewood, IA

Just want to say thank you. We purchased this truck and were very happy with the entire experience.

Bart Bevis
Chesterfield Fire & Rescue
Chesterfield, NH

I recently bought a fire truck through Firetec. I have been very pleased with my purchase and the ease of useing the Firetec service. I purchased a truck from Cumby Texas in October of last year. Myself and one other fireman went to Texas twice for this truck.

Coleman Rogers, Chief
Hollywood VFD
Arkadelphia, Arkansas

We are very please with the rescue truck. It is a great asset to the department, the town, & our mutual aid departments. This is the first rescue truck for the departmet with the Hurst Tools. We travelled 3,200+/- miles from Farmington, CA to South Thomaston, ME & we did it in 56 hours. We would like to thank firetec for everything they did to assist us with purchasing this rescue truck from the other side of the country!!!!

Chief Calderwood
Captain Elwell
Firefighter Reynolds
South Thomaston Fire Department
South Thomaston, Maine

Dear Barb,

Rex Dyer had a good time going down and meeting the Merrick gang. Thank you for your help. We all love the truck. We will send you pictures once we get our emblems on it.

Thanks again.

Carol Flint, EMT-B
Sharon Volunteer Fire Department

Just sold the ambulance to Northwest Ambulance out of Washington State. Thanks for the great service.

Darrell Petrusha
City of Hurley, WI

Good news !

We have made a deal with Bozeman, MT for the vehicle. Last night my commissioners agreed to sell them the truck. Everyone is pleased.
Thanks for your help, it’s great to have sold the truck in less than a week and I was away for three days !


Chief Patrick Hines
Canterbury Fire District

We bought the 1981 Mack/Pierce Heavy Rescue from the 10th District VFD (Marbury,Maryland). Thanks so much for your help, I'll be sending you guys some pictures after we get the truck lettered.

Jeremy Holland, Captain
Coolville Fire Dept.

Thank you! You have been so responsive I’d certainly endorse your service, I appreciate what you do for these small departments.

Fred McKnight
Log Hill Mesa FPD
Ridgway, CO

This 1986 GMC Roughneck is going from a community of 140,000 people (West Sebring, FL) to a small town of 262 (Rebecca, GA)
FF Dana Ritenour -West Sebring, FF Chris Kelley- West Sebring, Chief Scott Mann- West Sebring, Chief James Wise- Rebecca Fire,FF Jackie -Rebeca Fire, Mayor Don Collins-City of Rebecca, FF Tobe Carter- West Sebring

The Unit is sold---check was received and the unit loaded on a truck Saturday AM, headed for Alabama. Smooth transaction; a pleasure working with Randy and Firetec!

Best Regards,

Tom Gooch
Whatcom County Fire District #4
Bellingham, WA

Our new rescue just got in from PA and we are pleased of having chosen your company to help us buy it. No one at the fire house can believe that this truck belongs to us ! THANK YOU !!!


Lt. Sebastien Hache
Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Que, Canada

“Thank you very much for selling these trucks, we
could not have done it without you!”

Brian Williams
Cooleemee FD
Cooleemee, North Carolina

“I am still kicking myself for being distracted by other dealers, I should have asked Firetec to sell these trucks a long time ago! We received several qualified leads within the first week with Firetec and sold both units to the same department. This turned out to be a great deal for the buyer and our fire district got more than we would have if we had traded them in. It worked out perfecty! I am recommending Firetec to every other department in my area.”

Dennis Burnell
Fire District #3
Plattsburgh, NY

Barb and Jen:
I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you again for your help finding our new mini pumper. We have dealt with you now on numerous occasions, selling two trucks through your company and now buying one. You are very professional and able to connect buyers and sellers together who may never otherwise find each other. We are very happy with and proud of our new mini and have attached a picture for you to see and post on your site showing another satisfied customer. If needed I would deal with your company again in a minute. Keep up the good work. You company is very much needed in a market where new apparatus is getting harder and harder to afford. Thanks again!

Paul Yuritech
FF-I, EMT, Chief
Spring Garden FIre Co.
PIttsburgh, PA

This is the 2nd truck that we have purchased by using your service. Thanks for the very efficient way you do business. We WILL use your service again in the future.
Thanks again

Chief Mike Pearson
Hamilton Twp FD
Ironton, OH

"Thank you for your professional, patient, and friendly demeanor throughout this process. I appreciate your willingness to listen to our needs and concerns and your honest answers to our questions. We are excited that the truck we sold will help meet the needs of another community and help lessen the financial burden we will undertake with the delivery of our new truck this fall. Once again, thank you for your professionalism and for the quality service!"

Chief Jody Rainey
Cherry Hill Twp. Vol. Fire Co.
Penn Run, Pennsylvania

“Green trucks are not hard to sell, if you
have the right person [Firetec] selling them. We are very happy with the deal.”

Derrick Bellinger
Eastern Derry Twp.

Dear, Barb & Jen

I would like to Thank You for all your help in finding a new rescue, and with selling our old one. I have nothing but good things to say about Firetec. I will call you in the the future if we should need something. I will also tell anyone that is looking for a truck to get ahold of firetec.

Thanks once again.

Timothy Buck, Chief
Sheakleyville Comm. V.F.D.

Clayton Volunteer Fire Company listed a truck, it took Firetec less than a week to sell it. A positive experience all around!

Dave Rehm, Asst. Chief

East Chatham Fire Company Chief Matt Distin (green hat), 2nd Asst Chief Alan Besterman (blue Jacket) on inspection day with Dave Ebert and Pat Winters of the Benson, MN Fire Department, who have taken delivery!

Bob Fannella and crew picked up our truck Saturday morning. Attached is the photo taken with members from both companies. That's me on the left shaking hands with Chief Bob Fannella, Sr. I just wanted to personally thank you for all your help. I will definitely recommend Firetec to all who need help selling a truck. Gary

Gary Dempster
Hamilton Fire #7/ Nottingham Fire Co.
Hamilton, NJ

I want to thank you and let you know how much we appreciiated your efforts in making this sale possible for our department. Two communities have benefited today – Elk County will have an apparatus which will help serve to enhance their abilities to provide fire protection for their residents and our department will be able to use these monies to acquired and pay for additional fire equipment for our citizens we serve.

Keith Scarbrough
Bono FD
West Cleburne, TX

After a long trip back home, the truck from Cooleemee, NC is now in its new home in Whites Crossing, Carbondale Twp. PA. We have been looking for this type of vehicle on a limited budget for some time now, and thanks to FIRETEC, we were able to find exactly what we wanted at a price we could afford. Not only were you instrumental in helping us, but the friends we made in NC are invaluable. Brian, the Chief, and his members treated us like gold. Here's a few pictures of the truck and representatives from both departments taken this past Saturday just before our departure back to PA.
Thanks so much for the service you provide, it is definitely an asset to every fire agency. If it had not been listed with you, we surely would still be looking for a truck. Hopefully we will be able to use your service in future purchases and will definitely get the word out about our great experience!

Tim McDonald
Whites Crossing Fire Co.

From the SELLER: “ Thanks so much for your help with selling our Engine. It wasn't listed more than two weeks and we had several inquiries and one buyer. We struck a good deal for all parties and are very pleased with your efforts.”

From the BUYER: “Here is a picture with one of the officers for Eastern Prairie Fire Protection Dist. The guy with out the hat is Lt. Cecil Hyait. Thanks for the shirt. If Firetec goes to FDIC hope to see everyone there. Thanks again.”

(Firetec note: the photo Scott refers to has been replaced with a group shot which was provided by the seller-- thank you from Firetec to BOTH departments! Apparatus in background is Eastern Praire’s replacement truck- a 2007 Pierce Saber! )

Chief Mike Kobel
Eastern Prairie Fire Protection District
Scott VanBuskirk, Asst. Chief
Clinton TWP Fire

The truck I purchased from Farmville Fire is beautiful, and the people there were very helpful, answering all my questions. Transport from Farmville, Va. to Penn Valley, Ca., was over 2800 miles - should be right up there on your "farthest distance!"

Joe Crawley
Penn Valley, CA

Dear Jessica,
We are very happy with our new truck. We could not have built a more ideal first responder truck. I was familiar with your company and located the truck on your website. Thanks for the photos and for putting us in contact with the Ovilla Fire Dept. They were very accommodating and easy to work with.

Joe Carpenter
Asst. Chief
Wabaunsee Co. Fire Dept., Kansas

My thanks to you and Firetec for helping us sell our pumper. You
helped in both determining a suitable asking price and in bringing us
together with a customer. The process was very easy and it was accomplished
in a very short time. Thank you.”

From left to right: Larry Borts, President of Jamestown RFPD, Glen Unterborn, Chairman of Walker FD, Gregg Speer, Chief of Walker FD and Bill Sedgwick, Chief of Jamestown RFPD.

Art Holcomb, Commissioner
Walker Fire District
Hilton, New York

We took delivery of our ‘84 Hendrickson, and the fire department is thrilled about it. Thank you for working with us. As soon as we can we’ll send a few pictures.

Chief Martina Pulliam
Grant, OK

Thanks for your help during the purchase of our truck, 1989 Pierce Dash from Penn South Fire. Looks like I was just 13 miles short of the long distance record for last month. 1170 miles, but I drove it!!! Anyway I will look to you if we purchase another truck in the future. Thanks again.

Mike Mills
West Glendive Fire

Thanks for your help finding our new truck we could not have found it with out your help. Next time we will check with you first.

Chief Robby Hatcher

“Jessica, This vehicle is set up perfectly for us and ideal for our district....This is the third vehicle that we have purchased through Firetec. We are very pleased with your service. Standing in front of the truck are myself, firefighter Jack Freeman, and Asst. Chief Tom Thompson. Thanks again!
p.s. Distance from NJ to Grand Marias was 1,409 miles!

Paul McFarlane, Board Chairman,
Colvill FD

“One day, 1st offer, AND IT’S SOLD!!”

Chief Dave Okoniewski
Onondaga Hill Fd
Syracuse, NY

Person on far right of picture, blue work jersey-Dave Okoniewski Fire Chief Onondaga Hill FD, shaking hands with Chief Kimball Johnson from Westmore FD, Vermont

I wanted to send you an e-mail on behalf of the Corsica Volunteer Fire Company for your assistance in helping us locate a rescue truck..... we purchased the truck and drove it back too Pennsylvania. ...took us fifteen hours to complete but it was well worth it - a total of 735 miles. We never thought that we would ever buy a truck over the internet. Thank-you all very much for helping us find the truck that will serve our needs.

Tracy W. Zents
Corsica Volunteer Fire Company

Thanks for all the work you have done to sell both of our trucks. It was a pleasure to work with you. If anyone ever asks, I will recommend your company for the sale of their apparatus.

Assistant Chief Shane Stage
Logan Trivoli Fire Protection District

Firetec sold my truck in less than ten days after I submitted the ad. The Firetec staff was courteous and very professional handling the sale. I was extremely pleased with Firetec’s service and would not hesitate to use them again.

Alvin Gloyd, Director
Stark County Ambulance

“Palmyra Fire took delivery of the truck on December 23rd, 2006. Delivering
the truck was none other than Santa Claus himself. In the photograph, Santa
is pictured handing the keys to Chief Gary Crane as members of the
department looked on.

Working with Firetec in finding a new truck for our department was easy ...
we gave Firetec Sales a list of our required specifications and they did the
rest. Working within our price range, Firetec Sales emailed several
photographs to us, enabling us to narrow down the choice to the unit we
ultimately selected. We would recommend Firetec to anyone looking for a
hassle-free buying experience!”

Thanks again for all of your help

Gary Crane, Chief
Palmyra FD, MO

Thanks for your help selling our 1968 Maxim. It was important to the
department that the truck be sold to someone that was going to keep it
up and not let it rot in a field someplace. You found us the right
person. The Maxim is going to someone that appreciates well kept
vintage fire apparatus. We would not have made the connection without
the reputation and coverage of Firetec Apparatus Sales.

Chief Rick Eichler
Gorham Fire Department
New Hampshire

Thanks for the listing service; we're very pleased with the mini pumper we purchased from Montana, and still check your site for any other wildland/brush truck possibilities for us.

Bob Lippman
Castle Valley, UT

In Harrisburg 2007: “We tried to sell it on our own and had absolutely no luck, set it up throught Firetec and sold it quickly with no problems!”

Ed Kengersky, Chief
Friendship Hose Co. #1
Falls Creek, PA

“Here is a photo of the truck we purchased thanks to you from Farmington, New York. The truck has been a great addition for us. It’s working out great!”

Jethro Pease
Morrill FD

We purchased a 1990 Pierce Arrow Snorkel from you two years ago (Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ). Attached is a photo of the same truck today – now in service in as a pumper/tanker with 1,500 GPM pump and 3,000 gal poly tank and body. We appreciate the great service and support from Firetec that made this possible (the Firetec purchase completed a 3-year search for the right truck on which to install our poly tank and body).
(Firetec note: to see the “before” photo, go to www.firetec.com/sold and search the 2006 sales)

Scott Lake
Sullivan Fire & Rescue, NH

Thank you for all your help in purchasing the used snorkel from West Seneca ,New York.The Chief there said he had just listed the rig on your site, the first day I contacted him. We had been trying to find an aerial that would fit our needs for almost four years. We plan to replace our heavy rescue within the next 18 months, and I will strongly recommend to my board of directors to check with Firetec first. Thanks again !!

August 4, 2006 We recently purchase a snorkel truck, from West Seneca,NY with the assistance of your firm. We had been looking for a rig that would fit our needs for quite some time. I saw the snorkel on the web site a sent a inquiry, someone contacted me the next day. Which really shocked me! The lady gave me the contact numbers for the fire company in New York. After about a month we had the deal worked out with Reserve Fire Company.

The truck was was placed in service this past week and has worked perfect. Firetec will have our Business with buying or selling fire apparatus in the future.

Thank you for all of your help with this purchase .

Jeremy M. Meares,Chief
Fair Bluff Fire & Rescue
Fair Bluff ,NC

“Just wanted to drop you a note that I picked up the truck and drove it home. Ran like a top. Rich was very helpful and the deal went smoothly. Thanks for all your help.”

Kert Rosenkoetter
St. Louis, MO

“We at Bear Creek VFD want to say thank you for everything. We were in a bind and yall come through for us we will use yall again. thanks.”

Dawayne Walters
Bear Creek VFD
Cleveland, TX

"You folks have now sold six older model trucks for us over the past four or five years! Keep up the good work!"

Ron Nordenbrock, Chief
Poplar Springs FD
South Carolina

"Hi Barb,
We did sell the truck and the new owner is very happy. Would like to thank both you and Jennifer for all your help.
Thank You!"

Chief Eric Eichenberg
Minersville, PA

"It has been a pleasure working with your firm. Great job!

( 1 of 3 sold)

Jay Sparks
Duluth, MN

"Just want to say thanks for everything you did for us....the boys left Sunday around 12:30 for their trip back! Your company is truly professional we will be sure to spread your name around. Again thank you for everything. You did a great job for us !!!!!"

Chief Scott Hyde
Albion, PA

Per FDIC show 2007: ‘You sold that Spartan for us in 2005- it worked out great!”

"Thanks to your professional and courteous staff in assisting us on the sale of our 1999 KME. Your staff located a buyer for this unit with in weeks time of being listed. The transaction was smooth and handled in a professional manner. It was a pleasure during business with FIRETEC and we will use this service in the future."

John Lewis
Baltimore County

"I believe I contacted Firetec around the week of October 10th, 2005. They sent me information and pictures of a prospective pumper that met our criteria of type, size and price within a day of contact. We learned from them that another company was looking at the piece on Sunday, October 16th, 2005, in the morning. We made arrangements to look at the engine that same day in the afternoon. It was absolutely perfect for what we needed. Fortunately the other company had difficulty getting their down payment right away and we had the funds available. I told Firetec that we would make an offer and send a downpayment on 10/19. On Nov 7 we had a meeting and the District voters granted us permission to purchase. Firetec facilitated the sales documents and we picked up the vehicle on Nov 20th. Super quick, painless and easy. I would use Firetec again in a heartbeat. Thanks Barb and Jennifer!"

Chief John Greene
Montague, MA

"Appreciate y'all, you really helped us out. It's just what we needed. Better than we ever dreamed. I've already recommended y'all for some pumpers. I liked talking directly with the other volunteer department up there in New York and we paid 50% less than what we would have expected to pay for a truck in this condition. It didn't need any work done, the department took great care of it. Feel free to quote me on that."

Jesse Kirk
Shady Dale, OK

"Barbara, I tried other marketing avenues with absolutely no success. Though the efforts of the Firetec staff we had several inquiries on the engine. As a result of these inquiries, Firetec was successful in finding us a buyer. I would recommend Firetec and their staff to anyone who is considering selling surplus fire apparatus. Certainly the next time I have a surplus piece of apparatus for sale, my first contact will be the staff at Firetec. You and Jennifer make this thing tick. I'm pleased and the guys at the station are pleased."
Firetec Note: Jack and the folks at Four Communities FD generously donated additional equipment to the department, including several hundred feet of hose, clamps, spanner wrenches, ' 6" hard suction, (2) diesel generators (one functional and one for parts) AND filled up the gas tank for the trip home. New owners of the 1991 E-One Protector, Chief Rowe and members of the Burkesville, Kentucky VFD, travelled over 12 hours each way to pick up their new unit. Chief Norman, left and Chief Rowe, shake hands following the transaction.

Jack Norman
Titusville, FL

Just a note,to say that we are very pleased with the truck we bought from Hardy,Virginia. It has worked at several incidents and has performed great. Also we met some great people in their department. I still stay in contact with their chief and have sent them pics of the truck after we finished lettering it. We appreciated all your help in us finding and purchasing this vehicle.

Greg Church
Hinsdale, NY

"Firetec is very easy to work with on all aspects of selling/listing equipment. No pressure on you at all! When we sold this Engine they guided us through the whole process. We sold two units within six weeks listing them with Firetec and we were very satisfied on the selling price. As we found out there is a great market for quality used fire equipment. After both units were sold we were still receiving calls from all over the US on their availability.
Highly recommend to any department."

Chief Dennis M. Smith
Pompey Hill, NY

"Thank you again for your help with coordinating things and enthusiasm towards our truck. Firetec was very accommodating through this entire time and the Members of our Department appreciate it greatly!"

Garth Brooks
St. Albans, VT

"Thank you for the excellent service - we never expected you to find a customer and make our sale so fast! It will be a huge help to have the cash up front as we sign the contract for our new rescue/pumper/tanker."

Caleb Langer
Hubbardston, MA

John Adams and three others, your neighbors in Vershire, arrived in Varna yesterday afternoon to take possession of their "new" Mack American Eagle pumper. I'm getting a couple of things together for our treasurer to document the sale and I expect he'll have a check in the mail to you early this week.
We have truly enjoyed the experience of working with Vershire Volunteer Fire Department to complete the sale. The preliminary transactions up until last evening were sealed with a handshake - quite unusual any more, unfortunately.
Thanks for finding them for us.”

Duane Testnut, Captain
Varna Vollunteer Fire Co.
Ithaca, NY

"We are currently getting the truck equipped for full use. We have the (reflective) lettering complete, reflective warning tape on the rear and all doors, most lights are on........... Once all the lights are in place, and equipment on board, I'll be sending you photos.
Thanks for your help in this project."

Ed Baud
Columbus, NJ

"I appreciate your company's help in locating the tanker that we bought. I had been told by several dealers that I would never find a truck with the specs I had given them for the price I was willing to give [but we found one through Firetec]. I will pass your website along to other fire departments looking for apparatus."

Alan Dyke
Athens, TN

"Yes we are closing the deal tomorrow morning and get shipped Friday. I want to thank you and Barb for all the work you helped me with on this. You guys are the best! I know why you sell so many trucks a year now: great service and support in selling. Any other fire trucks we buy I will make sure to come to you for help in finding. Your web site is very good and easy to use. The best thing is that you have the price of the truck. All other sites you have to call to get the price and it takes a lot of time to see if it is even what you want. Your site has every thing about the truck. A BIG THANKS again."

Gary Reeder
Wapanucka, OK

"We were not sure we would be able to sell our truck at all! We tried other brokers and tried ourselves-- only Firetec could sell it. We are very happy with the outcome.
The department that got our tanker really needed it. Your ability to get transportation for our buyer made the deal feasible. It was really nice doing business with you. If we ever have another truck to sell, I'll be calling you."

Bob Beattie
Nescopeck Twp.

"We are very happy with our vehicle and happy you were able to sell our old one. We tell everyone about you. Thanks again."

Gregg Sanford
Clark, PA

Thank you again for your help with coordinating things and enthusiasm towards our truck. Firetec was very accommodating through this entire time and the Members of our Department appreciate it greatly!

CW Roberts
Dolphin, VA

"We took delivery of Neola's truck yesterday; it was just what we were looking for......... we would still be buying used Department of Transportation utility trucks if we hadn’t found the truck on your website. Thanks again for your help!"

Michael Grant
City of Hollowell FD

"Well, after all the 'crazies', the buyer was an absolute pleasure to deal with- and so were you guys! Thanks!"


"It was a pleasure dealing with Firetec. They were very helpful from beginning to end in the sale of our fire truck and resulted in us receiving the best price ever for one of our used trucks. It sure beats the heck out of trying to sell locally. Firetec personnel gently urged us to set a fair price and resulted in a quick sale. Thanks Firetec. We will keep you in mind for the next one and I would urge anyone selling a piece of apparatus to use you folks."

Greg Bradtke
Chairman- Board of Fire Commissioners
Burnt Hills Fire District, NY

Gary came by our booth at FDIC to let us know the department we sent from New Mexico purchased his rescue that day- April 20th! He changed our display from ---68 trucks sold --- to 69 trucks sold so far in 2007! Thanks Gary!!

Gary Henderson, Chief
City of Columbus FD
Columbus, Indiana

"It has been a pleasure working with your firm. Great job!”

( 1 of 3 sold)

Jay Sparks
Duluth, MN

"Our department has been in the market for several months for a used aerial truck. After many months of keeping our eye on a possible used apparatus through Firetec's advertising in the Fire Apparatus magazine, and working with their fine staff, we were able to locate a '85 aerial that we felt would be suitable for our needs.
We found the folks at Firetec to be extremely helpful, willing to do what we needed, and a key player in making our dream of a "first-ever" aerial ladder truck for our department become a reality!
Thank you for your help and assistance. It is greatly appreciated.
The truck has been a huge hit in the community and within a few weeks, once training is completed, the truck will be put into service."

Dave Frederick, Lt.
Yale, MI

BUYER, April 2005: "We are very pleased with the truck we bought from Hardy,Virginia. It has worked at several incidents and has performed great. Also we met some great people in their department. I still stay in contact with their chief and have sent them pics of the truck after we finished lettering it.We appreciated all your help in us finding and purchasing this vehicle.
Thanks again."
Another note from buyer, April 2008:
“We at the Hinsdale VFD purchased a engine from Hardy,Virginia 3yrs ago,and have had no problems at all,its worked many incidents and has performed flawlessly.”

Greg Church
Hinsdale, NY

It has been a pleasure working with your firm. Great job!

( 1 of 3 sold)

Jay Sparks
Duluth, MN

Again thanks for all of your help with both trucks, one purchased and one sold. I have talked to a lot of people about the service that your company provides. Thanks.

Chief Mike Becker
St. Paul FD
St. Paul, NE

“It has been an extreme pleasure to work with you and the staff at
Firetec If you ever want to use me as a reference, please do.
Thanks, John”

(3 sold for Portage MI)

John Podgorski
Deputy Fire Chief
City of Portage, MI

Jennifer, I want to thank you for the help needed to make the purchase of this rescue a reality. The truck made it to Trenton, Maine Saturday morning. It is more than we hoped it would be and should meet our needs for years to come.

Steve Corson
Asst. Chief
Trenton Vol. Fire Co.
Trenton, ME

“ Hi Barb; Just to let you know the last of the three advertised
vehicles was picked up last night. Great Job!! Just wanted to say thanks.”

John Podgorski
Deputy Fire Chief
City of Portage, MI

The truck has worked out great; have had a lot of visitors from other departments looking at it. I have given your name & web site to different departments and any business I can send your way I will.
..... I hope to do business with you again in the near future and if you and your family are up this way look us up!!

Chief Barry Folland
Prince Edward Island

"Here is a photo of the truck we purchased from Portage, MI.......we used the ladder on its first call only 3 weeks after it was placed in service. It is the first and only aerial device in Lincoln County, WV. Thanks for all you assistance in making the purchase of this truck a reality."

Sr. Lt. David, L. Kidd, Jr.
Hamlin VFD
West Virginia

"Just another thank you for all you have done for myself and the department !!!
Thanks for sending me articles of our purchase in the Apparatus Magazine !!! Makes me feel as my work was appreciated, and after this truck has been in service for some time now, it is very much appreciated.
And couldn't have been possible without the great help from the people at Firetec !!! 'THANK YOU' !!!
Included are a couple pics of some of the lettering we have done on our 1st response vehicle that we purchased through you !!!"

Fulda Firefighters Find Ford Rescue Through Firetec

From March 2005 issue of Fire Apparatus

By Ed Ballam, used with permission of publisher.

FULDA, Minn. - If you ask the Wieskus brothers, they'll tell you the best place to buy used apparatus is through Firetec, the nation's largest used apparatus broker. As fire chiefs of their respective departments, the brothers Wieskus bought two rescue trucks, years apart and miles apart. They say it's a testament to the kind of service Firetec gives its customers.

Dan Wieskus, the fire chief of the Fulda (Minn.) Fire Department, recently bought a 1993 12-foot rescue, built by National on a Ford F700 cab and chassis. That apparatus came from the Grand Traverse Rural Fire Department, in Traverse City, Mich.

Just about two years ago, Dan's brother bought a 1992 Horton walk-in rescue in his capacity as chief of the Garretson Fire Department, Garretson, S.D.. That unit was bought from the Woolrich Fire Department in Swedesboro, N.J. "Firetec was a great help in an easy transfer of this unit," said Dan Wieskus of his new rescue in Fulda. "Everyone is pleased with our purchase."

The 1993 Ford rescue was driven from Traverse City to Fulda after the truck committee flew to Michigan on Jan. 28, on a private plane, flown by a pilot who donated the flight to the department. After inspecting the rescue and completing the transaction, the crew drove straight from Michigan to their station in Fulda, arriving the next day at 6 a.m. with no problems at all. On Jan. 29 they "changed things over from our old rescue van and put this one in service," Wieskus says. The members of the Fulda Fire Department were among 51 potential customers for the $42,000 rescue.
It is powered by a Cummins 190 hp 5.9 liter engine and an Allison AT545 transmission. It's equipped with a 15,000-watt pto generator, four 500-watt pole lights, two 1,500-watt scene lights and a reel with 250 feet of power cord. It also has a crew compartment for four with SCBA seats, a coffee maker and a refrigerator. Other equipment includes a 12,000-pound winch, two light boxes, low-band and high-band radios, warning lights, siren and a light bar. A special feature is an isolated 12-volt electrical system designed specifically to supply clean power to electronic equipment with a 190 amp Powerline alternator.
For Wieskus, the deal couldn't have been easier or gone smoother, to the credit of Firetec. "We would do business with them anytime," Wieskus says.

Dan Weiskus
Fulda FD

Thank you for your excellent service. I have always enjoyed shopping on your web site and will be glad to use your service in the future whenever the need arises.

Wes Weeden
Village of Valley Falls, NY

“We really appreciate your assistance in locating this pumper. Thanks for all your help!”

Kirk Storey
Haworth, OK

"We are very happy with our vehicle and happy you were able to sell our old one. We tell everyone about you. Thanks again."

Gregg Sanford
Clark, PA

“ Barb, Firetec is very easy to work with on all aspects of selling/listing equipment. No pressure on you at all ! When we sold this Engine they guided us through the whole process . We sold two units within six weeks listing them with Firetec and we were very satisfied on the selling price. As we found out there is a great market for quality used fire equipment.. After both units were sold we were still receiving calls from all over the US on their availability.
Highly recommend to any department.”

Pictured: Members of Cravins FD in Wilburton, OK as the prepare to head home with the 81 Mack from Pompey, NY.

Dennis Smith
Pompey, NY

“Thanks for all of your help. It has been a pleasure to deal with your company.”

Myron Munyon
Papineau, IL

“Again thanks for all of your help with both trucks, one purchased and one sold. I have talked to a lot of people about the service that your company provides. Thanks.”

Chief Mike Becker
St. Paul FD
St. Paul, NE

John Adams and three others, your neighbors in Vershire, arrived in Varna yesterday afternoon to take possession of their "new" Mack American Eagle pumper. I'm getting a couple of things together for our treasurer to document the sale and I expect he'll have a check in the mail to you early this week.
We have truly enjoyed the experience of working with Vershire Volunteer Fire Department to complete the sale. The preliminary transactions up until last evening were sealed with a handshake - quite unusual any more, unfortunately.
Thanks for finding them for us.

Captain Duane Testnut
Ithaca, NY

"Firetec sold our older unit and we bought our '92 through you last year. The owner of the '92 was also great to work with, he bent over backwards for us, even offered to drive it."

South Brownsville Vol Fire Co

Another unit which sold in the predicted price range. We will always give you an honest assessment! -Firetec

“Thank you again for all the help.
For the record, you were dead on with your assessment when we talked in Indianapolis.”

Chief Greg Porter
Fire Chief
Etna Station 149
Etna, PA

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