Consider who you’re partnering with to sell your apparatus:

Why choose Firetec® brokerage service over a used fire truck dealer?

We will never push a unit we own instead of selling yours – because we don’t own any. Firetec® is fully focused on the apparatus we have listed.

Why should I sell through Firetec® instead of going to auction?

Most fire chiefs can’t take the risk of buying site-unseen via auction. With our method, they have the breathing room to inspect in person at your FD and can then buy with confidence.

Typically, auctions generate just a fraction of actual value; many are sold to wholesalers who then flip them. With Firetec®, your apparatus goes directly from your department to the next community in need, for fair market value.

What does it cost to list with Firetec®?

Nothing until we sell it. We provide maximum exposure and we do that for FREE: Web site listings, text alerts, nationwide print advertising, e-blasts, tracking customer wants – all without any investment from you. When your apparatus is sold, we earn a commission on the sale price, paid by the seller. No buyer fees.

Why wouldn’t I sign up with a Secondary Broker?

Because Secondary Brokers (companies which have something else as a main business then offer to sell yours on the side) can’t offer you the type of personal service and attention that Firetec® can when it comes to marketing your good used apparatus for sale.

We are not distracted by buying and selling and servicing apparatus and equipment: Putting your apparatus in front of buyers is our only priority! When you call, you will always talk with Jen or Barb. Our customers know us, we believe they trust us (LOTS of repeat business), and most of them even like us!

Other brokers and dealers look like they have lots of listings too?

Many do appear that way, but be wary – how up to date are their listings? Do they mix in units that have long since sold? All of Firetec®’s listings are up to date.

Be aware that some sites just post any used fire truck they find online, hoping to make a deal and get “a piece of the action.”  If you call us about a used fire truck we are advertising, you can trust that we have the fire department’s written permission to sell it for them.

If you have more questions, feel free to call us at 800.FIRETEC (347.3832). We’re always happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

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